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Machine Rental and Repair (10/7/2020)
Repair Service Our in-house repair technicians are ready to get your machines up and running so that you can get back to business. Drop... (more)
5 Steps for Maintaining a Safe and Healthy Restroom (3/2/2021)
by Kendall Yulish Restrooms are hubs for spreading germs and bacteria. They are high-traffic spaces with a lot of people in and out this... (more)
Lithium-ion Powered Floor Scrubbers (2/5/2021)
It just makes sense. Lithium-ion technology is all around us cell phones computers cordless devices but its place in the cleaning industry is just... (more)
Latest News (9/1/2020)
Who is your Cleaning Hero? Colker Company would like to show our appreciation for all the hard-working individuals out there who go above and... (more)
Safe and Healthy Thanksgiving (11/24/2020)
by Sandy Hanberry In celebration of Thanksgiving Colker Janitorial Supplies will be closed this Thursday and Friday and will be doing our best to make... (more)
Recipe for a Safe and Clean Kitchen (2/23/2021)
by Steve Blumberg Regional Manager Spartan Chemicals The best foods come from a clean kitchen and properly managing the cleaning chemicals used inside your kitchen... (more)
Store Locations (3/18/2021)
Our Locations & Hours Visit our flagship store in Pittsburgh s Strip District or our other location located in Indiana PA and Johnstown. Pittsburgh Colker Janitorial... (more)
April Showers Bring Wet Floors: 5 Tips to Manage Water Damage (4/2/2021)
April Showers are a welcome sign of spring but they may cause unwelcome water damage. Here are five tips for dealing with water at your... (more)
Sales & Promotions (4/28/2021)
special pricing and seasonal deals for our valued customers Promotions change regularly so check back often! DuraView Dispenser Try and Buy Program Kutol Pro customers... (more)
The Best Strategy for Snow and Ice Removal? Be Prepared! (12/16/2020)
By Sandy Hanberry Historically Pittsburgh and surrounding areas receive the most snow in January so you still have time to prepare before winter arrives. It... (more)
Is My Disinfectant Working? (12/11/2020)
Most people seem to know the guidelines the CDC is recommending to prevent getting sick. Some of the updates to prevent the seasonal flu include... (more)
Super Bowl Staff Recipes (2/5/2021)
Su re we talk a lot about cleaning and disinfecting around here but we still have to eat! Check out some of our staff s... (more)