5 Tips for a Safe and Healthy Thanksgiving

by Sandy Hanberry

In celebration of Thanksgiving, Colker Janitorial Supplies will be closed this Thursday and Friday and will be doing our best to make all deliveries before the holiday.

To all of our customers we wish you a healthy holiday and want to remind you that the easiest way to stay safe this Thanksgiving is to limit your exposure to others. While this is easier said than done, there are still ways to stay festive in times of distancing. If you need some ideas to get your Thanksgiving creativity flowing, find some inspiration here. 

If you are still planning to celebrate with family and friends this weekend who are not from your household, below are five of the best and easiest recommendations from the CDC:

1. Mask up!
2. Try to remain a 6-foot distance between those who do not live in your household
3. Wash your hands often
4. Bring your own food to gatherings--potluck style meals can cause germs to spread!
5. Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces frequently

If possible, try to ventilate the space with open windows and doors, or even bundle up gather outside to celebrate!

For more in-depth details on the CDC recommendations and guidelines, please visit their guidelines here.