Let's Clear the Air with ProTeam

Now more than ever, it is critical to clean with health in mind. As part of that effort, it is important to consider Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) when vacuuming and dusting your facility. Bacteria, pollen, dander and dust trigger asthma and allergies, so when vacuuming, a high-quality filtration system is needed to capture these harmful particles, which can reduce illness and provide healthier IAQ for those living and working in these spaces.

Because Colker Janitorial Supplies is dedicated to helping you find cleaning and maintenance solutions that meet today’s cleaning demands with cost effective and high performing products, we are proud to partner with ProTeam to bring the industry’s top performing vacuums and air movers. These vacuums are ideal for commercial and residential spaces, schools, healthcare facilities and health clubs.

The ProLevel Filtration® technology better captures microscopic dust that can harm health and trigger asthma or allergies. Most ProTeam vacuums have Four Levels of Filtration, each level designed to sift out smaller and smaller particles. Learn more about this advanced filtration system here.

In addition, ProTeam vacuums offer a unique suction cleaning method that cleans carpet and hard surfaces without stirring up dust, so air stays cleaner, reducing the need to dust, and operators can work without breathing unhealthy air. The ProTeam backpack vacuums clean rooms at a rate that is 53% faster than a dust mop in crowded classrooms and congested areas—making them not only a healthier choice, but a more productive and cost savings option too.

Along with ProTeam, we recognize that this can be a new way to maintain carpets and hard surfaces and you want to be sure you’re investing in the right equipment for the right job, that’s why we offer free consultations and support in designing your ProTeam cleaning system. We also recommended that you register for ProTeam’s on demand 22-minute webinar, by clicking here.

Colker Janitorial Supplies is truly proud to offer this exception line of vacuums, which are designed to clean for health while boosting productivity. What can be better? Contact your sales representative today or call us at 888-4-COLKER to learn more, request pricing or schedule a safe and socially-distanced demo at your facility.