The Next Step in Cleaning Industry Technology: Lithium-ion Powered Equipment

It just makes sense.

Lithium-ion technology is all around us—cell phones, computers, cordless devices—but its place in the cleaning industry is just beginning. In this article, we’ll focus on the incredible advantages of the new lithium-ion powered commercial floor scrubbers and machines.

Probably the most obvious benefit—lithium-ion batteries last a lot longer. Up to 8 times longer than lead acid batteries (6,500 hours), so your replacement cost and time away from work is greatly reduced. With their expanded work time, you won’t be replacing your batteries as often.

Performance & Increased Efficiency
Lithium-ion batteries’ longer life span mean a run time that can be up to 40% longer, allowing your cleaning staff to clean without frequent recharging stops. When these batteries do need to be charged, it’s about 30% faster than lead-acid batteries.

Easy Care
There’s virtually no maintenance with lithium-ion batteries—no adding water, no cleaning acid residue from cables and connections and very little monitoring. When these batteries do need to be replaced, it’s a cleaning and easy process as lithium-ion are also a lot lighter in weight that other batteries and have no harmful outgassing of fumes.

Good for the Environment
Lithium-ion batteries create no emissions and do not rely on fossil fuels. It’s estimated that just one lithium-ion battery prevents the replacement of up to 24 lead acid batteries!

It’s these incredible advantages that make floor scrubber machines powered by lithium-ion batteries the best choice for your next machine. And now, through March 31, 2021, Colker Janitorial Supplies is excited to offer these exceptional machines at the lower, lead-acid powered scrubber prices. Now is definitely the time to step into the future of cleaning and enjoy the benefits of lithium-ion technology.

now you can buy a lithium powered scrubber at lead acid prices.

Until March 31, 2021