Get Ready! Create a Cleaning Plan for Your Reopening

Facility maintenance during COVID-19 has brought to light the importance of bringing your cleaning team to the table when discussing purchases, procedures and protocol.

As we prepare for business and building reopening, it’s time to take a walk through your facility and decide which areas need to be cleaned hourly, daily, monthly and annually. Determine the needed cleaning product inventory and staff required to maintain your cleaning schedule and keep in mind, that it’s careful planning and a strict cleaning protocol that will ensure that your doors can remain open and your staff and occupants remain safe and healthy.

To ensure that your employees, tenants and customers feel confident that you’re cleaning with their health and safety in mind, consider establishing a Clean Ambassador program; be sure to use visible signage and sanitization stations; and utilize touch-free product dispensers in restrooms. Brainstorm with your team and determine the best way for everyone to stay clean and stay safe with a well-thought-out cleaning plan of action.

Colker Janitorial Supplies has designed a COVID-19 Cleaning Checklist with our partners at Spartan Chemical to help take the guess work out of designing a cleaning maintenance schedule and action plan to ensure that you can have a safe and healthy business and facility reopening.

We’re here to help you create a new standard of clean for your facility so that we can all get back to business as usual! Reach out to your Colker Janitorial Supplies sales representative or give us a call at 888-44-COLKER to get started!