How to Remove & Prevent Mildew and Mold

This summer the region has experienced an unusual amount of rain, which can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. To ensure that your home, building or facility is free of unwanted mold and mildew we’ve offering advice on the best products for even the toughest jobs. Remember, it’s important to tackle any mold or mildew issues immediately and we’re here to help guide you to the best solutions for your safety and health.                                                                                                                        Restrooms are especially prone to mildew and diluted bleach is commonly used as a cleaner, but this solution can discolor grout and tile and can emit harmful fumes. Using a targeted tile and grout cleaner with a tile brush such as the Raptor or Shark brush are a safe and effective way to remove mold from any bathroom. To prevent the regrowth, it's best to use a cleaner and disinfectant that contains a mildewstat. A mildewstat cleaner will safely and effectively clean the damp and mildew-prone areas of any restroom and, most importantly, inhibit the growth of further mildew—consistently keeping your restroom safe and clean.

Damp basements are another common area for mold and mildew to grow and spread. If you have any standing water in your basement area, first remove as much as you can with a floor squeegee or wet/dry vacuum, such as the ProGuard 10. Next apply a floor cleaner containing mildewstat and spread evenly on effected area. Let stand as recommended before mopping up any excess cleaning solution and dry completely before replacing rugs and furniture.