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A concentrated, organic acid fortified, heavy-duty multi-purpose bathroom cleaner that is specially designed to address the environmental, safety and health concerns facing today’s housekeeping professional. Readily biodegradable, this product will not accumulate in the environment and will not contribute to waste treatment plant sludge. Cleans away soap scum, mold & mildew stains, hard water deposits, rust stains, body oils, fats and dirt. Can be used to clean most surfaces such as windows, walls, floors, washroom fixtures, tubs, showers, toilet bowls and urinals. Especially effective on removing difficult stains from ceramic tile floors and grouting.

General Cleaning: Dilute 8 ounces of product per gallon of water.
Apply directly to spray or with sponge. Allow 2 – 4 minutes for cleaner to penetrate. Wipe and rinse thoroughly with water.

Locker Room Shower Cleaning: Dilute 8 ounces of product per gallon of water. Spray onto surface to be cleaned with a course spray or foaming type sprayer. Allow 3 – 4 minutes for cleaner to penetrate. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Toilet Bowls and Urinals: Dilute 8 ounces of product per gallon of water. Spray onto urinal surface to be cleaned and agitate with bowl brush or mop, or add to toilet bowl and brush entire inside area with bowl brush or mop. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Use unheated tap water when diluting product. These directions are flexible rather than specific. In many cases a more dilute solution can be used, while for extreme conditions a less dilute solution may be used.

Do not mix with bleach.


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  • Green
  • Frangrance Free
  • Case
  • 12
  • Quart

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UOM : CS (12 QT)
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