How to choose the right floor finish

Jeff Tishko of Colker Janitorial Supplies gets a lot of questions about how to choose the right floor finish. Today he talks with Steve Blumberg, expert cleaning consultant with Spartan Chemical, about choosing the right floor finish for your job.

What's the difference between odor control systems?

Stop the smells! Learn the difference between our leading odor control systems and which one is right for your needs.

How to clean ice melt residue off your winter-weary floors

Learn the difference between some of our leading ice melt products and how to quickly and economically clean that pesky ice melt residue left behind on your entryways and flooring. 

How to choose the right floor pad for everyday maintenance

When choosing a floor pad for everyday maintenance you have several choices and it can get confusing! Jeff Tishko, our leading cleaning expert at Colker Janitorial Supplies, explains how to choose the right floor pad for the job.

How to clean glass with streak-free results

Jeff Tishko of Colker Janitorial Supplies and Steve Blumberg of Spartan Chemical demonstrate the best way to clean glass for streak-free results. They prefer Spartan's BioRenewal Glass Cleaner, which is also sustainably made and safe for use in LEED-certified buildings or as part of any sustainable building maintenance program.

How do you choose the right floor finish?

Finishing a floor on a hot day? How do you choose the right product? These questions and more are answered by Jeff Tishko and Steve Blumberg from Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. Check it out!

Our Favorite New Hand Soap & Sanitizer Dispensing System

Watch our latest lesson on how the new Transcend Hand Soap and Sanitizer Dispensers by von Drehle Corporation will make your life a whole lot easier. These dispensers are part of the Transcend family of products that we feel are exceptionally good for easy maintenance, controlled product usage and all offered at a great price point. 

Urinal Maintenance Made Easy

Watch our latest lesson on how Steel City Urinal Buster works to clean and clear stains, urine, rust, limescale, and mineral deposits to keep urinals flowing and eliminating commonly found odor problems.

The value of vacuum maintenance

One thing that contributes greatly to how long a vacuum cleaner will function is how you treat it. Proper maintenance, storage, and frequent deep-cleaning can have a large impact on the function of your vacuum cleaner. This can greatly improve the investment you make into your cleaning tools. If your vacuum needs more than a routine cleaning, we can help. Colker Janitorial Supplies offers full service vacuum repair and maintenance and can supply specialty parts and vacuum bags too!

Curious about floor machines? 

We know that the price tag of floor scrubbers can often make these incredible time-saving machines seem like a big investment, so we're recommending the Karcher 50/50 Classic Walk-Behind which is an ideal machine for any first-time buyer because of its low cost and high performance.

Learn More about the Karcher Classic 50/50 Walk Behind Scrubber

Learn how to get your winter weary floors to sparkle and shine with Steel City Neutralizer  

Another lesson by Jeff Tishko about Steel City Neutralizer's ability to tackle the white, hazy alkaline build-up of salt and ice-melt on your winter floors.

Steel City Neutralizer

Unger OmniClean professional floor cleaning system

Jeff Tishko teaches you about all the features of this dual bucket technology to separate clean and dirty water, ensuring the charge bucket always stays clean. You'll never mop with dirty water again!

Unger OmniClean professional floor cleaning system

Get Your Concrete Floors Looking Like New!

CreteClean Plus and our new EZ-Shine Floor Pads will clean and restore and clean your indoor polished concrete floors and bring back their original sparkle and shine!

Got mold?

To ensure that your home, building or facility is free of unwanted mold and mildew we’ve offering advice on the best products for even the toughest jobs. Remember, it’s important to tackle any mold or mildew issues immediately and we’re here to help guide you to the best solutions for your safety and health. Check out our list of the best mildew removers and mildewstats on the market.